XTEND V Screen Dance

IMG_7553For the last five years, I’ve assembled an annual collection of international artist films which have sat under the umbrella of Screen Dance, or sometimes Dance for Screen. It’s an interesting interface between the world of performance and moving image, and one which is interpreted in many different ways by each artist.

The focus of the XTEND collection that I put together is in work which truly acknowledges the camera as participant in the creation of the work.

Over the last two years I’ve been developing a couple of screening partnerships for this work, in addition to the “home” venue where I work. This weekend saw the best instance of these partner screenings in Oxford, as part of the Dancin’ Oxford Festival. We held an outdoor event at Oxford Castle – Unlocked with a screening of this year’s XTEND films, plus a live performance by the amazing French aerial dance performers “Compagnie Retourament” (who featured in film form in last year’s XTEND themselves).

The films were projected large scale onto a wall in the Castle Square area of the complex during the event on 4th March, and also begin a run as short introductions to the films “Animal Kingdom” and”Archipelago” at the Phoenix Picturehouse Cinema in the town.

I met up with artist contributors, Katy Pendlebury and Ana Barbour at the event and recorded an interview about them and their work which will appear as a future episode of the Gene Pool radio show.

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