The Morning After…

sommeil sleep concert at Antenna GalleryTanner Menard‘s unique internet-enabled artist collaboration: the “Sommeil” sleep concert at the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans, seems to have generated a good buzz. Further events are apparently planned, an edited release of the performance due on Experimedia Records and future rebroadcast of the material via a couple of net radio stations.
I contributed some audio material and Tanner has kindly put up a news post about me on his blog, including the audio I sent over for the event. This was an edited version of my binaural recording on Studland Bay, Dorset, taken back in December, and a section of seriously heavy drone, which resulted from one of the trips in my ongoing project to record the vibrations running through the structures of electricity pylons.

You can see photographs of the event and listen to my Sommeil Audio contributions over on Tanner’s site.

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