Orchestra musicians in music shop, New York 1973. Photo: Colin Busby

The Digital Dark Age is coming

Can it really be a year since I blogged last ? It is. Maybe it’s time to move to Medium for these kind of thoughts or at least find where a small amount of feedback can be had these days.

It’s been a pretty full on year for me, but the chaps at Create Hub have once again invited me to join their #IndustryExperts panel to publish three articles over the course of the year covering the state of Digital as far as I see it. This, despite my appalling record of delivering previous articles to deadline. (I write from experience, which takes time – rather than just make stuff up y’know )

Anyway, one of the things that I did was build my relationship with the Google Cultural Institute to research and publish some previously unseen archive material from London Philharmonic Orchestra.

This process prompted a few more thoughts which I’ve wrangled into my first new #IndustryExperts piece of the year. Thus:

Sitting in a dusty corner of an office next to the ominous MI6 building in London is a filing cabinet containing 50 years of the photographic history of the world as seen through the eyes of the musicians of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The first western orchestra to cross the Iron Curtain to perform in Russia during the Cold War era in 1956, their first orchestral tour to China, views of the streets of New York in 1970 as the musicians visit a revered instrument-maker’s shop. Moments in time, people and places all now gone or changed, never to return.

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