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24-7aniWith my media producer hat on, I’ve recently been working with a local Teenage Pregnancy Unit to create a video which they can use as an information tool in schools. It’s been something of an epic project having originally begun last year, but is now finally finished.

One of the tricky issues which emerged during the project was that after initially agreeing, when it came to it, none of the client youth group actually wanted to appear on camera. Although this highlighted for us the  social stigma that surrounds young parents, it didn’t help get the film made.  Another solution had to be found, so we asked animator,  Kim Noce to create a character that could lead the viewer through a narrative where the information we had from interviews with various Council departments would be delivered. 

I created original sound and undertook video production and editing duties for the project. Like most of these projects, it could have used more time to develop the visual style and content, but I think the combination of live video and animation works really well.

[flash medium=2 w=320 h=240 f={image=http://www.codetrip.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/24_7poster4001.jpg&overstretch=true}]