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home_taping2I’ve seen this a few times before, but after viewing my web statistics this morning, I’ve quite had enough, and I hope my reader will forgive me, but I am vexed!

So, The Pirate Bay have captured people’s imaginations recently with their high profile back-talking against the blundering oafs of the US Copyright lobby, and they certainly have the cool factor with them, but there comes a point when indiscriminant file sharing is counter productive for all of us.

Users of the torrenting scene popularly consider themselves glamourous digital buccaneers who are getting one over on The Man with their superior tech skills, because the top heavy Music Industry dinosaur has sucked us all dry for so long…and they make so much money they can afford it. Right?

Well, there may be an engrained business structure here which is certainly not entirely devised for the best interests of the artists, but that’s not the issue that I find today. Yes, I’m looking at you torrents.ru! and you laffi, varek2, and don’t think I can’t see you at the back, “banana ninja“!

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