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Gene Pool#59: Beyond The Stage

Slaves to technology ? Contemporary dance artists, Joumana Mourad (iJAD Dance Company) and John Darvell (Nocturn Dance Company) speak about their current development projects which seek to engage with audiences using social media and the web. Their final performances can be viewed both online and in the Theatre, but are fundamentally informed by the inclusive thinking of internet culture.

Opinions and experiences within the wider dance community, relationships to technology and live performance along with the artists own thoughts about their funding guidelines from Arts Council England.

iJAD have been working on their “Secrets” project since 2011, attracting anonymous contributors to post secrets and untold stories on their website. This material then forms the basis of the evolving performance work, parts of which have been shared via live streaming video from the company’s rehearsal space.

Nocturn reference network addresses with their “192” project, which plants unexpected images and clues around both the web and real world locations in an attempt to attract the curious into viewing their ultimate, voyeuristic online experience.

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The Gene Pool Radio Show is presented weekly at 7pm on Wednesdays on Soundart Radio 102.5FM. The podcast version can be delivered directly into your PC or mobile via our iTunes Channel, Blackberry Podcast, Blubrry, Miro 

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Gene Pool#59: Beyond The Stage

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Game World

Quake screenshotA bit of an Outing in this post! Since around 1999, I’ve been a huge fan and player of the original Quake computer game.

With it’s origins in a storyline that fused H.P. Lovecraft with zombies and science fiction there’s not much not to like. Anyway, let’s not get too apologetic – I love this stuff!

Back in the Mac OS 9 days I made a start at creating my own map for Quake using an editor called “Quiver“, which has long since been archived in a dusty floppy-disc drawer somewhere. As the game development world is pretty much Windows-based, there’s not really been much of an alternative for Mac Quake authors since then.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I came across the site of a Mac Quake gamer called Willem 18 months ago, who has produced an OS X level design environment, called Toetag.

This has spurred two projects for me, one of which is a hugely popular workshop for young people, which I’ve called “Game World“, where teenagers learn Toetag and design and build their own game levels in a day.

Although it’s very much the grandfather of modern computer games, there is a still a lively Quake community online, which has fed my other project – my personal desire to build a full Quake level and publish it to the World (or at least the World that is still interested in computer games from 1996)

It’s a geeky and laborious business which few people will understand, but the ability to design and build your own world is a compelling, if time-consuming undertaking (much helped by having a child on hand to inject enthusiasm where required!)

My artistic sensibility is also keen to use the 3D game environment for it’s sound-design potential, but in the meantime, as a first offering, I’m working on something which is very much in the genre that it comes from, with a working title inspired by the phrase that the Brighton sewage workers used for the Victorian tunnels underneath the city.  “Down The Barrel” – in progress.