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Streaming Out Video

I spoke at the Streaming Out 3 seminar, organised by Brighton-based digital art agency, Lighthouse in February 2013.

For this event, I mainly outlined the projects and current thinking of the SHPLive live streaming performance programme that I’m currently developing. I felt like it would be useful to point out the context and development that has led me to this project, so I skimmed through some of the 7 year history of the Digital Media Centre which I run for South Hill Park Arts Centre and outlined the path from podcasting to local radio broadcasting which led me to propose the current step of live streamed performance webcasts.

Video of my presentation and others in the series are now available on the Lighthouse website.

All of the talks in the three event series are now available online at the Lighthouse web site. Stand outs for me are the talk on the Performance Rooms project by Susan Holtam of Tate, the efficiency and positive partnership working of Brighton Dome’s streamed projects as presented by Carole Britten, the business savvy of production and distribution in the same chain by Picturehouse Cinemas. All of the presentations are rich with useful pointers towards how the arts and culture industry could develop new products, new platforms and ways of talking to it’s audiences.


The slide images I used in my presentation are online as a PDF here