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Year of Conversation

We’ve just reached the Easter end-of-season break for producers at SoundArt Radio 102.5FM, and I don’t mind saying it’s been a bit of a marathon for me in between my existing 2 day jobs and freelancing. I’m taking the summer out and time for a break until the Autumn now.

However, I’m really pleased with this season of Gene Pool: Digital Culture shows, which in 2012 have included sound artist, Stephen Cornford and the AudioGraft 2012 Festival (which included an interview with Max Eastley among others).

I became interested and active in developing new approaches to audiences for artists and culture organisations, and as part of that pulled together “Beyond The Stage” a Skype discussion with Joumana Mourad of iJAD Dance Co. and John Darvell of Nocturn Dance – both live performance companies who are exploring and utilising digital means to create new experiences for viewers.

Shows on 3D Printing and Gamification covered new and emerging techniques and technologies, while my final two shows brought Arts & Business‘ Digital Overlord and Guardian contributor, Patrick Hussey, plus Rewired State director, Emma Mulqueeny and developer, Jim Anning in to talk about future trends and educational initiatives. All busy people who totally know their eggs, and yet are willing to spare time and go out of their way to have a conversation for broadcast. Something I’ve never asked my guests is: why bother?

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Autumn Radio

gene_pool_micsI wasn’t far wrong back in September when I blogged about the likelihood of not being able to keep up with my posting about individual radio shows. I’m just the other side of my Autumn season of inviting guest artists over to lead weekend workshops at the Digital Media Centre. This time, my idea was to combine that with interviews of each of them, so I’ve been turning around one radio show per week, hosting the workshop weekends as well as doing more work during each working week than I’ve done for quite a while!

Since my last post, Gene Pool has featured artists, Patrick McGinley, Simon Whetham, Jonathan Coleclough, SoundFjord curator, Helen Frosi, electronic engineer and hacker, Iain Sharp, sounds from my trip down into the sewers of Brighton and Felicity’s holiday in Miami, a contact mic special, and not least, this week’s show based on the “Theremin Day” workshop led by Sam Underwood.

Now I list it, it’s been a proper feast of amazing sounds, fun and cool artists, but I’m pleased we’re approaching the Xmas break on Soundart Radio, where the programme switches to seasonal commissioned projects.

We’ve put all of the shows up online in the podcast feed, which you’ll find on this page. To read more about each show and listen online, you can go to the Gene Pool Podcast page or even, subscribe to our feed in iTunes.

Gene Pool Autumn Season

mf-recitalrm2The Gene Pool continues it’s radio season on Soundart Radio 102.5FM (www.soundartradio.org.uk) from 8th September. I’ll be putting together a series of weekly shows, airing on Wednesdays 7pm on 102.5FM and live web stream. I should be uploading the episodes to the podcast more frequently now too, as we’ve turned around from the shows being made in advance for podcast, to being made for radio as we go along.

I’m getting some material ready in advance and recorded with Felicity Ford today for the first show, which features an interview with sound and video artist, Kathy Hinde and material from Sound Diaries and London Sound Survey, all of whom feature in the Sound:Site sonic arts festival which we’re holding on 2nd October.

The Soundart Radio live stream dropped out at the end of the last season, so the second show this season, which we’ll be airing again on 15th Sept. is our episode with sound artist Jonathan Coleclough, who talks about his performance approach and a particular technique he’s using to extract sound from recordings of silent rooms.

In fact, I got the job of taking an all night recording in the old Library at South Hill Park for Jonathan to use for his performance at Sound:Site, resulting in a 13 hour long 2gB mp3 file for him to work with!