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Reading Geek Night

I spoke at Reading Geek Night on Tuesday 13th. Geek Night is a monthly social meet up which hosts a programme of talks that usually attracts an audience of software developers, web monkeys, computer scientists, Social Media gurus, and for the last 18months – a small grouping of digital artists.

Artists are usually a self-interested bunch who only show up to meetings if it’s about money to help them realise their own projects, Geeks however, are early adopters who live in a world where most of the people they meet day to day don’t understand the subjects of their enthusiasm, and they love to talk ! This makes them the kind of audience I’ve always wished artists would be.

I presented some information about the Creative Technology season I’ve programmed at the Digital Media Centre at South Hill Park, Bracknell UK over this Autumn 2011. The season includes a kinetic sound sculpture weekend, led by Ray Lee, manipulating, cutting & splicing Super8 film with Brighton artist Ian Helliwell and a return visit from Leicester-based circuit-bender, Stu “ASMO” Smith.

People listened very politely, so apart from enjoying opportunity to talk about these events, I loved presenting with Apple’s Keynote on my new iPad. Without using templates, it’s really easy to knock up classy looking presentation slides. I’m sharing my presentation on iWork if you want to have a peek.

Reading Geek Night is mainly organised via Twitter, search for the #rdggeek hashtag or follow @Rdggeek to join the party.


ac2011_01_risingsunStarted practising for the concert on 1st April, part of Simon Whetham’s Active Crossover project. I’ll be “crossing-over” with Phil Julian/Cheap Machines as our sets overlap. I don’t know too much about his stuff yet, but I like the name

I’ve been playing with the light dependent resistor controls on my instrument from Sam Underwood’s Theremin Day project, and have a nifty theatrical strategy for playing them with a set of rave finger torches. Mor elater once I’ve got some pictures.

In the meantime, here’s the flyer.