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Digital Identity

Eynsham Hall, OxfordshireI’ve had many thought provoking discussions with digital strategist, Natasha Reynolds recently while working on the “Digital Identity” presentation which we are both delivering for the Clore Cultural Leadership course in February.

The talk aims to provide professionals from the culture sector with a common understanding of the world of online communication, sharing and the balance of power between content creators and the platforms they use to distribute their messages and works.

DI RoadmapFor individuals working in public organisations there is an interesting duality between personal social engagement and professional social engagement. The new value placed on the networks we create around our own personal brands is a subject of interest, as stories of employers demanding access to your Facebook account or the handover of your LinkedIn contact list circulate online.

We’ve summed up our landscape survey with a straight ahead digital toolkit, which can be simply implemented as a digital health check and everyday aid.

The final futurology section will no doubt become dated quickly but contains some of our current favourite tips for emerging trends which we think indicate new models or new behaviours in the digital space.

Streaming Out Video

I spoke at the Streaming Out 3 seminar, organised by Brighton-based digital art agency, Lighthouse in February 2013.

For this event, I mainly outlined the projects and current thinking of the SHPLive live streaming performance programme that I’m currently developing. I felt like it would be useful to point out the context and development that has led me to this project, so I skimmed through some of the 7 year history of the Digital Media Centre which I run for South Hill Park Arts Centre and outlined the path from podcasting to local radio broadcasting which led me to propose the current step of live streamed performance webcasts.

Video of my presentation and others in the series are now available on the Lighthouse website.

All of the talks in the three event series are now available online at the Lighthouse web site. Stand outs for me are the talk on the Performance Rooms project by Susan Holtam of Tate, the efficiency and positive partnership working of Brighton Dome’s streamed projects as presented by Carole Britten, the business savvy of production and distribution in the same chain by Picturehouse Cinemas. All of the presentations are rich with useful pointers towards how the arts and culture industry could develop new products, new platforms and ways of talking to it’s audiences.


The slide images I used in my presentation are online as a PDF here

Podcasting for the Arts

I had the pleasure of being invited to visit the BBC Academy in White City, London last week to talk about my experience of podcasting with the Gene Pool show that I produce for broadcast on Soundart Radio 102.5FM as well as podcast. The audience for the pilot workshop day was made up of representatives from Theatre companies and other arts organisations.

The first segment of the day was viewing the BBC College of Production guys producing one of their weekly “CoP Show” podcasts, where they had a roundtable discussion on brainstorming techniques. As you might imagine, production was top notch, with even the Producer on the mixing desk having a Neumann mic to talk to the live room.

I wasn’t sure how to pitch my talk, as it was impossible to know what information would be most useful to the attendees. I think, in the end the message than both I and fellow podcaster, Dan Biddle (Off the Wall Post) seemed to have in common was “it will take up your time” and “we do it because we love it”. “Though my usual “the world is out there” plea for arts organisations to become more aware of the audience outside of the building found it’s way into my talk.

The “Building Digital Capacity for the Arts” series, that I’ve blogged about previously is a timely strand of conference events coming from a collaboration between BBC Academy and our own Arts Council England.

Although I ran out of time in my presentation, I’ve uploaded the slides so that the final pay-off of the software/hardware combinations I use, can be seen (if anyone is at all interested)

Podcasting Presentation Slides (4mb PDF)

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