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The Digital Dark Age is coming

Can it really be a year since I blogged last ? It is. Maybe it’s time to move to Medium for these kind of thoughts or at least find where a small amount of feedback can be had these days.

It’s been a pretty full on year for me, but the chaps at Create Hub have once again invited me to join their #IndustryExperts panel to publish three articles over the course of the year covering the state of Digital as far as I see it. This, despite my appalling record of delivering previous articles to deadline. (I write from experience, which takes time – rather than just make stuff up y’know )

Anyway, one of the things that I did was build my relationship with the Google Cultural Institute to research and publish some previously unseen archive material from London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Gene Pool#73 Sonic Season: Simon Whetham & Jan Hendrickse

Amazing recording of the first musical meeting of these two artists.

Globe trotting sound artist,  Simon Whetham and composer/wind player, Jan Hendrickse performed together as part of the “Embedded” season of live streamed “sofa concerts”.

hendricksewhetham03The duo performed a 45 minute set of spontaneous music, 30 minutes of which is captured in this Gene Pool episode. Simon Whetham mixes his original field recordings with live sound from an amplified metal bucket, fire grate and other objects. Jan Hendrickse uses a variety of winds, including bass flute with delicate electronic tones.

The Gene Pool Radio Show is presented on Soundart Radio 102.5FM. The podcast can be delivered directly into your Mac/PC, tablet or mobile via our iTunes Channel.

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Gene Pool #71 Sonic Season: Sauerkraut Synthesizer

The second of our recordings from AudioGraft 2014, featuring US artist, Gordon Monahan.

Gordon Monahan Sauerkraut Synthesiser Audiograft 2014Paul Whitty, Research Lead and main figure at SARU talks about the history of the Audiograft festival and motivations of it’s artist-organisers.

Gordon Monahan performs his “Sauerkraut Synthesiser” piece which he describes like this on his website:

“This piece is based on a ‘Lemon Synthesizer’ prototype developed in collaboration with Akemi Takeya and Noid in Vienna, March 2009.

Fruits and vegetables become voltage input controllers for a software-based audio synthesizer. Six fruits and vegetables are placed on a table. A zinc terminal and a copper terminal are inserted into each fruit and vegetable, so that each organic object becomes an acid battery that produces approximately one volt of electricity. The voltage output from the fruit/vegetable network is varied by attaching a second set of terminals arranged in reverse polarity to the first set of terminals.

A live video camera displays the real-time manipulation of the fruits and vegetables on a video projection screen. A second video projection shows the actual voltage changes in real time as the fruit and vegetable network is manipulated.”

Gordon Monahan Sauerkraut SynthesiserThe Sonic Arts Research Unit, based within Oxford Brookes University is home to experimental music composers and sonic artists who develop and share the academic framework of their practice . This includes hosting notable artists as Research Fellows and producing the annual international AudioGraft festival

The Gene Pool Radio Show is presented on Soundart Radio 102.5FM. The podcast can be delivered directly into your Mac/PC, tablet or mobile via our iTunes Channel

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