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Digital Identity

Eynsham Hall, OxfordshireI’ve had many thought provoking discussions with digital strategist, Natasha Reynolds recently while working on the “Digital Identity” presentation which we are both delivering for the Clore Cultural Leadership course in February.

The talk aims to provide professionals from the culture sector with a common understanding of the world of online communication, sharing and the balance of power between content creators and the platforms they use to distribute their messages and works.

DI RoadmapFor individuals working in public organisations there is an interesting duality between personal social engagement and professional social engagement. The new value placed on the networks we create around our own personal brands is a subject of interest, as stories of employers demanding access to your Facebook account or the handover of your LinkedIn contact list circulate online.

We’ve summed up our landscape survey with a straight ahead digital toolkit, which can be simply implemented as a digital health check and everyday aid.

The final futurology section will no doubt become dated quickly but contains some of our current favourite tips for emerging trends which we think indicate new models or new behaviours in the digital space.

Authentic Leadership

This year has been such a whirlwind of both personal and work change and growth, it had to lead to something transformative (‘though also a lack of blog posts).

I’ve just taken the two week residential Clore Cultural Leadership course based in Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire. The stated aim of the course programme is to “strengthen leadership across a wide range of cultural activities” though the experience of the short course goes deeper than that, touching on personality profiling, Jungian archetypes, deep personal evaluation and goals, communication techniques, media training, coaching and Action Learning.

missenden1Management in the culture industry is always something that has bemused me. Until you reach the very best organisations, the industry lacks any great deal of formality in staffing structures.

The culture industry in general operates on a crash and burn model of feeding on the enthusiasm of people who are drawn to it, and replacing them when they become disenchanted with the lack of a career path or material rewards. ┬áThis lack of built in progression and development within the industry leads to an oddly static situation where former artists find their only route to establishing a longer term career in a venue is to apply for a management or marketing position. Enter the Clore Leadership journey (kung fu film sfx optional)…

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