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Two Way Media

Over the last year or so, I’ve worked on a couple of projects that use the simple idea of asking the people that my employers engage with what they think of that experience, and using their response as part of promotion or recruitment for other events that people like them also might like to attend. Like a curated or enhanced user generated content situation.

I’m talking about participation in a cultural activity here. It often creates feelings of shared identity, pride, progressing in one’s chosen interest, developing skill and so on. I really just wanted to demonstrate what this looks like. One case is a recruitment campaign for members of a youth dance company. I’ve used the same format twice and it has not failed to produce total PR gold dust each time. The resulting video drawn from this is then spun out on social media and Facebook as a series. Enlisting the participants in the spread of the video that features their comments builds on their enthusiasm as well as being fun. The second instance of this idea is a variation on the theme where the participants themselves were asked to record and supply the video material that we would use to promote the event.

Here’s one of a series of videos I made called “Why Shift?” that were used to recruit new applicants to join the Shift Youth Dance Company at The Place, London. These are shot with no rehearsal on a small handheld Flip camera (hence poor sound)

This next piece has phone camera footage from the youth dance companies involved in a remote collaboration for an event called “ReFresh“, where well known choreographers nominate a piece of music for them to use in a new dance work.