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The Boundless Museum

I was asked by artist, Jon Lockhart to create a phone film to document his amazing installation “The Boundless Museum” which has been touring this year.

I took a trip up to Reading Museum to see the show and shoot my material on the iPhone. The huge, complex installation of resonant objects seemed to be impossible to capture in a short amount of time, but I decided to take a different approach and made use of the macro lens on the Olloclip set to create a kind of inner world that focussed on small details.

The installation also has some nice signature sounds from a few motion triggered pieces that sound a sustained keyboard chord and electronic clock tick sounds. There’s also a repeated snippet of what sounds like Nat King Cole on my recordings, though I couldn’t identify where it originated.

I’ve used a few of these sounds, and heavily used the ticking of clocks from the installation to capture the audio world.

Electronic band, Paddox played at the exhibition opening event and I recorded them to provide the looping synth sounds in the film.

iPhone Films

iPhone with Olloclip Lens attachedI was doing some preparation for the “Stream The Steets”  live streaming workshop that I’m leading for the GEEK Swale & Medway Festival in Rochester, Kent and began investigating the add on options that could enable some interesting options for mobile streaming.

I took a walk down to Brighton rail station and recorded on my phone using the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens and the 8mm iPhone app.  Out of the four lens options, I found the wide-angle the most useful for general use.

The more I look at the output from 8mm, the more I like it. Most of the filter settings are pretty elaborate, but mid-way through the trip I found one which removes the projector effect mask.  It would be great if the developers could open up access to the blur and focus settings to customise the outputs.