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Artist-led Spaces

gene pool podcastI recorded a new episode of the Gene Pool Podcast on Sunday, now available online. The podcast followed an excellent weekend exploring use of the Arduino micro-controller and performance software, Isadora, which was part of the season of creative technology weekends I programmed, called  “Digital Developments“.

Guests for this episode were Nikki Pugh from Birmingham hacker space, FizzPOP and Julie Hoyle from Ochre Print Studio, Guildford. Both of my guests were artists who have become involved in developing creative workspaces for group use, without direct funding support. We talk about the details of their various projects and how they promote and manage them.

The podcast is available now on iTunes or via the link in the sidebar on the right.

Gene Pool

gene_pool_july09We recorded a new episode of my quarterly “Gene Pool” media arts podcast this week. Italian born artist, Emilia Telese was our guest, discussing her own projects and the Networking Artist Networks (NAN) scheme that she co-ordinates for A-N magazine in the UK.

She generously trekked up from Lewes, on a night where the weather in the South East came as close it ever does to torrential, tropical rain. Good humour prevailed as our recorded interview touched on binaural beats, turning vacant High St. shops into makeshift galleries, the joys of circuit bending and the tricky issues around making the artistic life bring in a sustainable amount of money.

My accomplices for this recording were fellow artists and organisers, Janet Curley Cannon and Jon Lockhart. The podcast is free and can be downloaded directly via the side bar on the right of this page, and subscribed to via it’s iTunes Channel.