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Subject: Digital Snippet#2

Here’s the last month of factoids to get us up to date.
I’ve copied and pasted these pretty much as is from the original emails, so some of the language might not make sense as it refers to conversations prior to the actual emailed information.


Digital Snippet#8: iBeacon

iBeacons are small plastic devices that transmit unique location information via Bluetooth.¬†The new 7.1 update to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system bundles in functionality to support their new iBeacon hardware.¬†Install an iBeacon behind an artwork, shop display, signage and it can activate contextual information to be displayed on the screen of iBeacon-aware applications.

Invention, disruption and pranksterism, ahoy!

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Subject: Digital Snippet

For the last few months I have been sending an easily digestible, digital factoid each week to several senior members of staff in one of the cultures venues that I work for.

Leading up to this, I’d often hear colleagues voice interesting and valid ideas, but always then add the caveat “but of course, I don’t know too much about Digital“.

With developments in digital culture moving ahead so rapidly, it’s time consuming to stay up with trends, let alone evaluate whether they can be of use to an arts organisation. But a better informed management will be able to seize more exciting opportunities and stay relevant within a rapidly evolving environment (plus do cool digital projects that keep my work life interesting!).

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Deserted Cities

deserted-sonogramMy 2007 limited edition CD “Deserted Cities” is now available as a multi-format digital download through Bandcamp. The original edition included the main four track CD EP on a black CD, with additional remix tracks available on a separate 3″ CD.

Originally included in the Super Jewel Box case alongside the discs were sets of photo strip images and a brass sygil object.

The four tracks, created under the codetripper artist name mix analog synths and glitchy plugins in Ableton Live and use a wealth of archive recordings. Tabla tracks and beats created for video, snatches of shortwave radio and circuit bent electronics from projects that never reached completion.

I’ve added “Immersiv”, a newly unearthed track from the archives in this digital version of “Deserted Cities

Digital download version of my limited edition codetripper “Deserted Cities” release available now on Bandcamp.