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Subject: Digital Snippet

For the last few months I have been sending an easily digestible, digital factoid each week to several senior members of staff in one of the cultures venues that I work for.

Leading up to this, I’d often hear colleagues voice interesting and valid ideas, but always then add the caveat “but of course, I don’t know too much about Digital“.

With developments in digital culture moving ahead so rapidly, it’s time consuming to stay up with trends, let alone evaluate whether they can be of use to an arts organisation. But a better informed management will be able to seize more exciting opportunities and stay relevant within a rapidly evolving environment (plus do cool digital projects that keep my work life interesting!).

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Gene Pool#63: Big Data, Love & Revolution

Patrick HusseyBig data, love and revolution ! Patrick Hussey is Digital Overlord and Campaign Manager of the Arts & Business organisation and man with a lot to say about the future.

Beyond just culture sector developments and commercial trends, we talk about how Digital is changing the very way society works in the biggest shake up since the Industrial Revolution – only with stats!

As decision-making and civil society is able to tap into new levels of information about, and from the population, many topics are moving so fast that we as nations have hardly had chance to discuss the implications before the next wave is upon us. Patrick highlights many instances, alongside examples of amazing possibilities of rampant new technology which simultaneously offer the opportunity of a new meritocratic platform and the uncomfortable oppression of global surveillance.

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Gene Pool#63: Big Data, Love and Revolution

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Building Capacity – is the Internet bothered?

BBC Television Centre Wood LaneI’ve been attending a few Culture industry conferences over the last couple of months, firstly the “Arts & Community Media” event organised by the Community Media Association and the “Building Digital Capacity for the Arts” in London, organised by our UK Arts Council England with the BBC Academy. More recently, Digital Futures In Dance at the lovely Pavilion Dance venue in Bournemouth. (beans on toast excellent, as reported to my Twitter friends)

A theme of all of these events was how the arts and culture industry can broaden it’s scope and reach by embracing the opportunity afforded by the current and evolving technology of broadcasting.

People who are exposed to my regular rants, will know I think it’s high time the funded arts sector woke up to these opportunities. After producing my Gene Pool podcast (and now radio show) online for over 5 years, it’s only been 12 months since my download statistics were accepted by ACE as valid evidence of there being real people listening via the internet. This number is now at 35,000 and I can still barely get anyone in the arts interested in addressing an online audience of that number.

The heart of the problem, in my opinion, is that we’re struggling with an industry populated by people with a very traditional Theatre-based thinking. Success for them being marked by bums on seats, footfall and Guardian reviews. There’s a prevailing comment, even from the National Theatre who are leading the way in the UK with live streamed performances, that the actual experience of being in those plush seats to see the performers in the flesh is simply better than anything else. I’ve yet to hear anyone attempt to define why that is, but the looming spectre which seems to hover over the shoulder of our traditionalists, is the thought that “Perhaps The Internet doesn’t care

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