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Active Crossover

Simon Whetham Active Crossover I’ve been invited to perform as part of Simon Whetham’s “Active Crossover” touring installation project on 1st April at the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading.

I’ll be there alongside Jonathan Coleclough, Cheapmachines, Mark Durgan, Felicity Ford & Simon Whetham.

Mr. Whetham’s gallery project showcases an interesting process where he creates audio pieces in response to the exhibition locations, then collaborates with a range of artists from that locality and contrasts his pieces with recordings of improvised performances which top and tail the show. The Active Crossover web site says:

In the other chamber are pieces by artists that Simon has performed and collaborated with through running the project, and through their ongoing cultural exchanges, recordings and events. In the main exhibition space you can hear the sound bleeding out and mingling from both spaces, forming a new and evolving communal work.

Integral to the project is a series of performance evenings which investigate improvisation and collaborative working methods…

It’s been such a long time since I did any performing, I’ve got to get my practice schedule rolling. I’ve got a plan about trying a new format for the concert, so should be good.

Binaural Beats

t2-sonogramI’ve returned to working on the drone tracks from my collaboration with Russian artist, Faryus recently. I’ve now got a working space set up in my new home. Though not quite my full studio of old, I’ve been using a stripped down environment running the audio output from Ableton Live on my Mac through a notepad mixer, old Roland SE70 effects unit, with some of my circuit bent gear and an old Casio SK1 plugged in for the lo-fi jamming.

I’ve really struggled to get into the right frame of mind to work on this stuff. The combination of the density of the drones and my attempts to work in a new way mean that I’ve been easily distracted. However slow, progress seems to take it’s own time and a sudden bout of cold and rainy weather brought the right mood for me to return to a mix I’d been working on since the New Year.

Still peppered through with thoughts from reading Robert Monroe‘s books and the  general idea of sonically propelled out of body travel, I’ve used a section of beating tones as an underlying framework. Here’s a part of this week’s new mix:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Sleep Concert

Sound from some of my recent recording projects is being used in an all night sleep concert by Tanner Mennard in New Orleans, USA on 11th April 2009. I don’t often do this, but the idea grabbed me, so I sent some contributions after seeing his call for submissions on the Hyperreal ambient list. 

I went to an all night Sundanese Gamelan concert at the South Bank in London a few years ago, which was a truly magical experience. So, contributing to some magic happening elsewhere in the World is a privilege.

You can read about the general idea on Tanner’s concert post, and the ongoing development of the project on Tanner’s blog