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Deserted Cities

deserted-sonogramMy 2007 limited edition CD “Deserted Cities” is now available as a multi-format digital download through Bandcamp. The original edition included the main four track CD EP on a black CD, with additional remix tracks available on a separate 3″ CD.

Originally included in the Super Jewel Box case alongside the discs were sets of photo strip images and a brass sygil object.

The four tracks, created under the codetripper artist name mix analog synths and glitchy plugins in Ableton Live and use a wealth of archive recordings. Tabla tracks and beats created for video, snatches of shortwave radio and circuit bent electronics from projects that never reached completion.

I’ve added “Immersiv”, a newly unearthed track from the archives in this digital version of “Deserted Cities

Digital download version of my limited edition codetripper “Deserted Cities” release available now on Bandcamp.

Beautiful Creatures

Just digging through my archive and found this test video that I made a few years back for a performance interpretation of  Tim Burton’sThe Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy“. Performed by a group that at the time were artist performance company with a collective approach, going under the name Beautiful Creatures.

I created a series of video projections and live capture patches which I worked with during the performance, sometimes grabbing live footage of the performers and re-projecting that back onto the space or other times cuing in pre-prepared clips that helped push the narrative along.

In this clip, I used an early mix of a piece called “Transcommunication” as soundtrack. That particular track later emerged on my “Deserted Cities” artist edition release.

Limited Release

Euphony CD coverMy phone phreak-inspired track “Deserted Cities” features on a new CD compilation called “Euphony 2”, put together by the chaps from the Ambience radio show on station WWUH in Hartford, USA.

The disc is an exclusive fundraiser for the station, available only for people contributing to keeping the music on the air, and features tracks from US Space Music stalwarts such as, Steve Roach, Richard Bone and  Forest Fang as well as myself, appearing under my CodeTripper guise.

I have to admit to initially having no idea where Hartford, CT might be, so it’s rather strange that a little Googling led me to discover that it is indeed a short distance South West of Windsor, the original UK namesake of which being where I currently reside. Only, this Windsor is in close proximity to US versions of Coventry , Manchester (Lord help us!) and Bristol. With a wider view, it’s all North East of New York, but you probably knew that anyway.

You can read all about the fundraiser and CD compilation on the WWUH page. Here’s a sample of my “Deserted cities” track.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.