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Long Timeline

Martin Franklin & Marcus Romer on sofa at Beyond The StageI’ve got a new season of podcasts lined up over the next couple of months which were recorded at the “Beyond The Stage” conference on creative live streaming which I organised back in December.

This post I wrote back in April provided the title for the conference, and I also used if for a podcast with John Darvell of Nocturn Dance and Joumana Mourad of iJAD where they discussed their experiments with online engagement and pushing the boundaries of live performance.

Starting first up we have Marcus Romer, Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre and the Shift Happens conference, who talks about Pilot’s long history of wrapping digital thinking around their company projects and the spectacular 6 camera interactive performance of the York Mystery Plays showcased on the BBC/ACE online arts portal, The Space.

Other presentations that we’ll feature from Beyond The Stage are: John Darvell “Dare You Watch” / James Morris “Reinventing Shakespeare” / Martin Franklin “Digital Culture” (hmm a podcast introduced by me and featuring me ?… it will be a first at least)

Gene Pool#66: Beyond The Stage/Marcus Romer

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