ootecdcover-out-v4“AN OPENING OF THE EARTH: RECOVERED” Martin Franklin & Michael Northam. Faria Records 2009

21st Century reworking of the original 90’s release. Intense recorded performance using lo-fi sampling, eerie drones, percussive metal instruments and effects, the players trace an intuitive path through a midnight electronic improvisation.  Edition of 500.


deserted_cities“DESERTED CITIES” EP codetripper, Edition 2007

Four track EP, combining tablatronic beats and glitchy textures. Package includes etched brass sygil and digital prints. Edition of 100.


frozen_cd“THE FROZEN LANDS” Tuu, Amplexus Records 1999

Solo set of pieces using gongs and metal instruments over electronically treated and detuned samples. Based on material I played at the ‘Calls From The Rock’ exhibition by the late Nikki Coe.

Numbered edition of 1000 copies.

….panoramic, otherworldly vistas….a place of rolling clouds of sound, an unknown area bathed in washes of dark and lightness AmbiEntrance

terma_cd“TERMA” Tuu & Nick Parkin, Fathom Records 1998

Collaboration with Ney flute player, Nick Parkin. These pieces explore darker soundscapes, combining textural electronics, percussion and wind instruments.WINNER “Best Ambient/Electronic Instrumental Album” AFIM “Indie” Awards 1999.

“…a remarkable album that is primal and ritualistic and directly communicates its richness to and through the body of the entranced listener” Alternate Music Press

Mesh CD cover“MESH” Tuu, Fathom Records(USA) 1997

Rich, balmy atmospheres for the first TUU release on the American Fathom label. Generated following over a year of giving concerts around Europe, this is a set of cohesive deep drones and rhythms.

“Darkly seductive and subtly subversive. Perfect mind-altering music for late night sonic explorers” Real to Reel News (USA)

Maps Without Edges CD cover“MAPS WITHOUT EDGES” Stillpoint, Beyond Records 1996/City Of Tribes (USA) 1998

Hallucinogenic collaboration with Eddy Sayer (Lights In A Fat City) and Nick Parkin, recorded live in a subterranean studio opposite the British Museum in London.

….as if the invididual elements have been taken over by some arcane guiding force. Concept and content in perfect harmony
Best Of 1996 (Electronica Section). The Wire magazine

All Our Ancestors CD cover“ALL OUR ANCESTORS” Tuu, Beyond Records/Waveform (USA) 1995/96

The defining Global Ambient release originally published by Beyond Records, with a limited edition of 500 in a metal and handmade paper slip case.

“…an album of serene beauty…achieves an intense sense of peace most ambient music can only dream of.” Mixmag

Invocation CD cover“INVOCATION” Tuu, Hic Sunt Leones (Italy) 1995

Reissue of early material with flautist Richard Clare. The initial run of 500 came with an Italian mountain flower in the CD spine. Some tracks from this album are included on the later Waveform issue of “One Thousand Years”


An Opening of The Earth CD cover“AN OPENING OF THE EARTH” Franklin/MNortham. SDV Tontrager 1994

Deep improvised electronics using samples, metal instruments, dictaphone recordings and feedback looping.

“….excavating the sonic crust with heavy synthesised drones, trebly buzzes and popping bursts of sound……eerie as hell.” Darren Bergstein. I/E magazine

One Thousand Years CD cover“ONE THOUSAND YEARS” Tuu, SDV Tontrager 1993/Archive ’96/Waveform 2001

The classic, and much reissued first album. The original release by the Dusseldorf-based SDV Tontrager came in a limited edition wood and aluminuim case, designed by Jorg Willich.

“…acheives the kind of breathtaking stillness you only otherwise get halfway up the Himalayas..” NME

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