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Circuit-Bending Podcast

circuit board and componentsMore “opportunities to broadcast” in action! The new episode of my “Gene Pool” Podcast is online now. Episode#20 is based on the Atari Punk Console workshop weekend, led by stellar circuit-bender, Stu “ASMO” Smith, back in November.

I grabbed a quick interview with a caffeine-depleted Asmo and some of the participants on the second day to get an outline of the project, which saw 14 people building ASMO’s modification of this popular circuit. The project built on the existing design by adding a 5 step sequencer, fuzz circuit and pre-amp to the standard design.

The culmination of the 2 days was a final APC jam session with the new instruments that had been created over the weekend, and a large chunk of this sonic freak-out is presented in the podcast.

The podcast is best consumed as a subscription in iTunes (here), so you can get hold of all of other episodes of cool stuff that we broadcast. If you want a quick no-strings-attached fix, there’ll be a link to the show on the sidebar here.

Opportunities to Broadcast

I’ve recently been seeing more of what I do as a way of developing content for future transmission. In the way that, if you’re promoting a commercial art event, the number of people who hear and see it via online documentation should be seen as equally important as the people who participate in it at the time. Only, within the industry, they’re not.

This is my current theme with the Arts Industry in which I work: in a world which has an increasing number of channels for transmitting information, what is becoming increasingly important is the quality of your content. And, if it can muster it’s addled mind from ages of “bums on seats” thinking, the Arts Industry – which produces quality content just by it’s very nature,  is ideally placed to contribute in this way. Why not then, see ourselves as media content producers, as well as promoters of live events?

Anyway, let me get to the real point. My “Found Sound Stories” sonic arts development event, led by artist, Janek Schaefer earlier this month was a huge success, due to a combination of the considerable skill and charm of Mr. Schaefer, the immense marketing effort of myself and my intern and the positive spirit of the participants. I made a 55 minute programme for radio from audio material generated over the weekend event and a few recorded interviews with those involved. The excellent Patrick McGinley , who produces the “Framework” show for visionary London radio station, Resonance FM (and others) will be broadcasting my programme as part of his season at 10pm on 20th December 2009. This will be followed by a podcast archive and then an alternative edit appearing on my own “Gene Pool” Podcast later in December. The dozen or so people involved in the live event will thus be joined by a global audience of several thousand.

I’ve made a short preview video edit from the weekend, which is available via YouTube

Artist-led Spaces

gene pool podcastI recorded a new episode of the Gene Pool Podcast on Sunday, now available online. The podcast followed an excellent weekend exploring use of the Arduino micro-controller and performance software, Isadora, which was part of the season of creative technology weekends I programmed, called  “Digital Developments“.

Guests for this episode were Nikki Pugh from Birmingham hacker space, FizzPOP and Julie Hoyle from Ochre Print Studio, Guildford. Both of my guests were artists who have become involved in developing creative workspaces for group use, without direct funding support. We talk about the details of their various projects and how they promote and manage them.

The podcast is available now on iTunes or via the link in the sidebar on the right.