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Viral Performance

Teaser image for Dare You WatchOver the last few months, I’ve been part of a hush-hush art project to promote the variously named¬†or “Dare You Watch” live performance by Nocturn Dance. Combining a 4 hour live stream with a ticketed performance as the culmination, the means of promotion were equally part of the project for me.

We created several presences on Twitter, plus enigmatic email and web marketing to try to interest and audience who may not have responded had the event been tagged with the convenient label “Dance”.

As well as undertaking webmaster duties and operating some of our Twitter “puppets” I produced the live video stream of the event. With streaming being a topic that seems something of a trend at the moment, my approach has always been that we need to explore this format practically in order to gain a greater understanding of what works and how our viewers might Like to engage with it. This doesn’t need particularly expensive equipment to make a start and the learning that emerges is just as valid.

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Performance meets Video

Following my last post about the early stage of the Broadcast Arts programme I proposed for one of my employers, I was invited to join a live panel chat on the Guardian newspaper’s new Culture Professional’s Network last Friday. This time, thanks to the sparky PR officer, representing the London venue who employ me for the second half of my working week keeping an eye on what’s going on through Twitter.

I joined a number of other people, also involved in one way or another in delivering culture and performance to audiences via the net. Strangely absent were the heavy hitters who have led the way for the Arts industry (National Theatre, Royal Opera House or even The Roundhouse) so far, but nevertheless the conversation was very stimulating.

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