Jez Riley French

Gene Pool#69 Sonic Season: Jez riley French

P6080071This episode is the first of a five episode “Sonic Season” of improvisation and sonic arts shows.

The life of the field recording artist explored in conversation with Jez Riley French.

Independence and integrity of artistic practice are strong themes with the globetrotting Yorkshire-man whose DIY JrF contact microphones have become something of an industry standard tool among sound artists.

We discuss community, microphones and recording equipment including geophones, hydrophones and contact microphones as well as vibrating staircases and the “Stairway to Heaven” of the field recording world.

This podcast features some original recordings made during a weekend workshop led by Jez as well as audio from his own archive material.

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Video Static Noise

Video Noise

IMG_4122As part of my job, I recently had to capture a batch of old VHS video cassettes into Final Cut Pro X. So, after becoming reaquainted with the variety and complexity of analog videotape noise, I thought I’d share some of the interesting bits of machine and tape interaction.

If you play through to the end of the last clip (from 1999), you’ll be greeted by the funky ident of a presumably long-gone, REplay Showreel Productions.

Apple Pro Res 422 versions (SD only, naturally)